Meet Our Partners

Coalition partners help define and support our goals -- and provide access to a wide range of community resources.
Our strength lies in our inclusive, collaborative approach.


Association of Black Citizens of Lexington (ABCL)

We are a private, nonprofit volunteer organization composed of academics, artists, lawyers, clergy, engineers, entrepreneurs and others who are concerned with matters of critical importance to the welfare of Black citizens of Lexington, MA.

ABCL is a resource for Black residents and for the Town of Lexington. As a group we work to support each other socially. We encourage Black residents to seek elected and appointed town positions to help create a town that meets the needs of all of its citizens. ABCL will serve as a repository of the history of Black residents in the town. Our members will record and preserve that history and develop programs to share with the community.

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Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL)

Our mission is to:

  • Serve Chinese-American interests in important town-wide activities, especially public school education, local politics, and cultural issues.

  • Provide opportunities for our members to engage with the Lexington community through volunteerism, networking, and social events


  • 代表华人权益,參与莱克星敦镇的事务,尤其是公立学校教育,地方政治和文化活动

  • 为会员提供参与莱克星敦镇运作,社区服务和社交活动的机会

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Chinese Americans of Lexington (CALex)

CALex (Chinese Americans of Lexington) is a local organization of Lexington, Massachusetts. Our mission is 1) to promote participation in public services including education, culture, and other town/community affairs, 2) to represent Chinese American interests and 3) to promote civic engagement.





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Help Around Town

Everywhere, there are people who need small things done. Bursts of work that must be done in person, on an irregular basis, and that don’t require professionals. Nearby, there are people who are interested in and available for that type of work, but who just don’t know of their neighbors’ needs. HelpAroundTown connects neighbors, so they can find help when they need it and work when they want it. At Help Around Town, you can post a job, browse listings to find work, and promote local products, services, and events. Listings can be for home, community, business, education, food, children, seniors, and shopping needs, among other things.

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Indian Americans of Lexington (IAL)

Indian Americans of Lexington (IAL) is a volunteer civic organization with its mission to celebrate and share the diverse Indian culture, heritage and values to benefit the community.

IAL aims to foster participation and engagement of its members in various social, multi-cultural, educational, town/civic and charitable activities through collaborative events.

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Indian Family Activities Association of Lexington (IFAA / LexDESI)

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Japanese Support Group of Lexington (JPLex)

JPLexは、Japanese Support Group of Lexingtonのニックネームです。会員への情報提供、会員同士の情報交換、そして、互いに助け合いながら、この町での生活を豊かなものにしていくのが会の目的の一つです。 JPLexでは、学校やコミュニティーでのボランティア情報を提供・お勧めします。来たばかりの方も、長くいる方も、ボランティアを通して、地域の人たちと交流を深め、できる範囲で楽しみながら、町に貢献していきましょう。 For general inquiry, please contact

JPLex supports members of the Japanese community in Lexington by providing information, assistance, and social opportunities to enhance the quality of life of its members. The group encourages its member to volunteer individually, in groups, and in collaboration with other groups, for the benefit of the community and schools in Lexington.

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Korean-American Organization of Lexington (KOLex)

The Korean-American Organization of Lexington, KOLex, is created as a resource for Korean residents and for the town of Lexington.  As a group we will work to support each other and work together with local officials and town members to help create a town that can further benefit from its local Korean residents.

로 생성되었습니다. 우리는 렉싱턴에 거주하는 한국인모임으로서 서로 돕고 협력하며 타운공무원 및 주민들과 함께 더 나은 렉싱턴을 만들어가겠습니다. 

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LexArt, the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, was founded in 1935. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit regional education center dedicated to the preservation and promotion of excellence in both the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. We hold a variety of exciting exhibits in our Parsons Gallery year-round, featuring the works of our members, invited artists and groups, as well as collaborative exhibits and events.

We offer a full schedule of classes and workshops at reasonable rates, for Adults and Teens, year-round (days, evenings and weekends), all levels, which are open to members and the public.

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Lexington Historical Society

The mission of Lexington Historical Society is to be a premier interpreter of the events of April 1775, and the faithful steward of all of the town's history through time. Lexington Historical Society is an independent non-profit passionate about preserving Lexington's history and sharing it with the public. We give tours of our fascinating historic sites, where the events of the early days of the American Revolution unfolded. Visitors walk in the steps of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and George Washington! The Society provides a wide array of programming year-round for all ages.

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Lexington Human Rights Committee (LHRC)

The Human Rights committee's mission is to promote Lexington’s vision of a community that has freedom from bigotry, hatred, intolerance, disrespect, and destructive conflict among its citizens as core values. The Committee seeks to build a stronger, more unified Town that respects and recognizes both our diversity and our commonalities, and confront statements and actions that conflict with these core values. The Committee works to foster respectful, civil, public discourse and debate.

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Lexington Human Services Department

The Lexington Department of Human Services provides central access to information and referral, clinical and financial assessments, connection to resources and consultation services to all Lexington residents. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of youth, families, adults and seniors. The Human Services Department is located at the Lexington Community Center at 39 Marrett Road, Lexington. Staff is available Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association (LICA)

The hub for the interfaith community of Lexington MA.

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Lexington Neighbors and Newcomers Club (LNNC)

Lexington Neighbors and Newcomers Club is a not-for-profit group of Lexington residents and families. Many members have been with us for years and new members join throughout the year. We are here to offer friendship and fun ways to connect.

Activities run from September through June and vary in scope and size. While some activities introduce you to the interesting sights, sounds, and tastes of Lexington and its neighboring regions, others provide great opportunities to socialize, often through casual gatherings at members' homes.

Please view our website for more information about membership and our offerings. We'd love to have you on board.

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Lexington Pride Coalition (LexPride)

LexPride's mission is to develop community and advance full equality for LGBTQIA+ people and their families and allies in Lexington, Massachusetts.

We know that LGBTQIA+ identities span all demographics, such as race/ethnicity, faith, abilities, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. Further, as Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently stated, we believe that "no one is free until we are all free." We therefore support efforts to foster equality for all people.

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Lexington Public Schools (LPS)

The following three core purposes represent the essential and enduring commitments of the Lexington Public School community:

  • Academic excellence.

  • Respectful and caring relationships.

  • A culture of reflection, conversation, collaboration and commitment to continuous improvement.

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Lextinas is a group of women seeking fellowship and companionship united by a common heritage, culture and language, and has evolved into a group that not only looks forward to socializing but also wants to get involved in the Lexington and surrounding communities to make a difference, particularly among Hispanics.

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LYFS, Inc.

LYFS (Lexington Youth and Family Services) began in the spring of 2011. Our mission is to "strengthen the safety net" for Lexington teens and their families by providing walk-in, accessible crisis counseling services for Lexington teens who are suicidal or self-destructive.

LYFS began as a drop in crisis counseling center in Lexington Center in the First Parish Church on the Battle Green. LYFS is open from 1-6 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you don't have an appointment, please use our drop-in hours, which are from 2:30 - 4:00 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. We are a resource for Lexington teens who are struggling, feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or just need a place to talk and get support. 

Since the spring of 2011, LYFS has grown providing a range of community education and prevention services. In November 2015 LYFS began the Sources of Strength youth suicide prevention program.

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Munroe Center for the Arts

The Munroe Center for the Arts is Lexington's home for visual and performing arts -- for education and experience, for self-expression, rejuvenation, and friendship. Housed here are 5 schools in the arts with hundreds of classes each year as well as 11 weeks of vacation camp, plus studios for 10 local artists, an art gallery, and a free monthly performing arts series! Join us for a class, or one of our community events!

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Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA)

Our goal is to provide our community with information related to special education and to work with Lexington’s Special Education Department to ensure ALL children have equal access to educational opportunities in a safe, nurturing, and academically appropriate learning environment.

SEPAC: All school districts are required by law to have a parent advisory council to advise the public schools on the education and safety of students with disabilities. School officials are mandated to meet regularly with SEPAC parent representatives to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of school programs.

SEPTA: SEPTA is a nonprofit organization that supports the work of the SEPAC and also is able to offer a broader array of social and educational opportunities for parents, students with disabilities, and staff.

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Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. (SNAP)

Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. provides people with disabilities opportunities that celebrate each person's unique abilities while cultivating creative expression, building peer relationships, and fostering self-esteem through life-enhancing activities in the arts. Programs include Sing Along Singers and Sing Along Chorus, and Special Artists.

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